Stories From the Book

Barb retired a few months later and I took her on as a client, helping her invest her retirement funds. Jim got very sick very quickly. Most of the first year of Barb’s retirement was spent with him either as his support system or his caregiver. Just after Christmas, a year and a few months after we first met, Jim died. Barb was sixty, retired, widowed and, as a result of life insurance and Jim’s retirement plan, holding on to more money than she ever would have imagined. It was my job to help her plan her finances, her investments and her estate. I could do that. I love doing that. But the most important part was helping her make it about herself this time.  From Chapter 2, Creating a Vision for your Life.

Carol stayed off work for over a year. She needed time to grieve and recharge, and she didn’t immediately need the extra money. As time went by, she put her energy and focus on her home. She tended to the gardens in the spring and even used the lawnmower for the first time. But there were several projects that Don had started and other things that needed to be done. As much as Carol was willing to try, there were some things that just weren’t for her. She needed help around the house. From Chapter 3, Staying in Your Home

About a year after Varinder died, something happened in the news and in financial markets that got Parmjit thinking about the investments. She knew nothing about investing or taxes. She reluctantly pulled out her statements and made an appointment with Varinder’s stockbroker. The meeting didn’t go well. He bristled at her questions. He made her feel as if he didn’t have time for someone like her. It was as if he wished he could still deal with Varinder. Parmjit told her accountant that she needed someone different and her accountant introduced her to me.  From Chapter 10, Taxes

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